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Alpha-Hog (a.k.a. Me)

"Alpha" is the financial  term for "out-performance of the risk you take."  By that definition I can not legally claim to create "Alpha," because of how government regulators define "Margin Risk."

It is merely my opinion that "margin risk" of the Whip-Saw Fund is wrong.  The methods and strategy of determining risk is a trade secret of Whip-Saw Fund.

Whip-Saw fund "Strangles"  both the Bull and Bear "short" with "options," often profiting both ways.  It is the method of swapping risk that generates Alpha.

The Bull

People, government, and even the Market underestimate the risk of the Bull.  just ask anyone that owned SVXY in February of 2018 

The Bull is of course  good and best friend to the Economy, but is difficult to trap because it is big, dumb but will always buck you off, for a long fall.   

The Bear

The Bear's risk is always  overestimated, it is probably a DNA thing of humans.  Not to mention the useless media thrives on negativity.

"Bear traps" are the "bread and butter" of the fund, because of the high risk / reward ratio.

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